Established in 1992, TIPOTA Indonesia has been in operation for the last 23 years and has expanded its export market to include Italy, Mexico, Scandinavia, Germany, Greece, and Spain.

TIPOTA continues to invest in its operational and production systems to achieve modern production standards. Our manufacturing facilities include on-site milling and drying areas. The current capacity of TIPOTA’s facilities stands at 15 40-foot containers per month, with plans to increase the capacity by approximately 30% in the near future. The newest expansion of the TIPOTA manufacturing facilities has focused on outdoor furniture production in aluminum / synthetic rattan.

Niki Nasr, TIPOTA Indonesia’s founder and Director, has a long-standing experience in furniture production starting in 1974 in Denmark while working in his family’s furniture production and trading business. Combined with PhD research in Social Anthropology and extensive travel in South-East Asia, Niki Nasr has a passion for the dynamics of furniture utility and aesthetics, particularly its commanding influence on human behavior. In 1988, Niki Nasr established his first independent rattan furniture factory in Malaysia and moved later to Indonesia in order to expand the business to include materials such as teak, mahogany, aluminum, rattan, synthetic, fiber, leather, and others.

TIPOTA offers exciting indoor and outdoor collections, which are continually being added to with new designs and materials. We greatly value being able to provide the best possible quality-price value to our clients. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we can offer : most models from our collections can be produced according to our clients’ wishes with any of the materials we use in-house. Moreover, TIPOTA has a long experience providing custom-made furniture for the contract market, both working from client designs and collaborating together with contract clients to find the best solutions.